Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fried Ice Yogurt Opens on 3rd Ave

Fried Ice Yogurt [9104 3rd Ave] opened over the weekend, replacing beleaguered Sweetie Frozen Yogurt, adding a new choice in frozen desserts to be had along 3rd Ave.
(Dragonfruit ice cream rolls via Facebook)
Although nothing on the menu would allude to anything in the fried category, it's really a misnomer referencing 'thai ice cream rolls' that have trended to a feverish pitch in the city earlier this year.  It has since cooled down as the winter months approached.  (Stir-fried ice cream is where the mixture is poured into an ultra-cold grill, tossed around with fruit & other ingredients, and rolled into a cup with toppings) Our guess is that they blend both ice cream and yogurt into a smooth texture, hence the name.

(Ice Cream and Yogurt via Facebook)
(Courtesy of Jim P via Yelp)
Most recall that this storefront was previously occupied by Sweetie, the frozen yogurt purveyor that opened to much fanfare back in early 2011.  After having mysteriously shuttered before the start of the Summer 2015 ice cream season, the space sat on the market for months until Fried Ice Yogurt, we believe, assumed a new lease in November and began renovation.  They are offering 10% off offer to customers during their grand opening.

91 Fried Ice Yogurt
9104 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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