Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Angel City Nail Spa Coming to Third Ave

Angel City Nail Spa
Angel City Nail Spa [8905 3rd Ave] mounted their retail signage while continuing their build out their renovations this week.  They're right next door to Grotto Italian Bistro, which we mentioned opening, back in 2014. By our count, it will probably be the second nail salon opening so far for 2016 along 3rd Ave. Activity in the fashion and beauty segment saw little signs of abating in 2015 where we noticed no less than a dozen in this category open and close.

Celtic Rose Tea Room (Nov 2009-Aug 2015)
Celtic Rose Tea Room (Nov 2009-Aug 2015)
If you recall, Celtic Rose Tea Room, after a six year run, shuttered at the beginning of August last year amid a promise to reopen under new management. That, of course never happened.  A sign was posted that they were "Closed For Renovation"... We know this now to meaning "We're not returning anytime soon". Let's hope Angel City fares better as they're directly across the street from... another nail salon.