Friday, August 7, 2015

HôM Moving Along 3rd Ave

HÔM Store 8806 3rd Ave
HôM [8810 3rd Ave], the store/restaurant best known for their unique brunch specials like 'green eggs and ham' and unusual-yet-cute retail storefront isn't going very far. They're moving one store over to 8810 (next door to Bench) from 8806 3rd Ave. No announcement or clarifications have been made beyond a sign posted on their previously closed restaurant over the past week.  Inquiries made to the owner, Salvatore Forte and the restaurant has, as of yet, gone unanswered.

HÔM Store 8810 3rd Ave
Partial signage already up

Vincent Sirico's Shoe Repairs
Vincent Sirico's Shoe Repair Shop
Many remember Vincent Sirico's Shoe Repairs, which occupied 8810 as a fixture along 3rd Ave for many decades until last fall (2014) when it closed and never reopened.

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