Monday, June 29, 2015

Apple Bank opens on 86th St

Apple Bank for Savings Bay Ridge
Happy Monday!  Apple Bank for Savings [426 86th St], as anticipated and talked about (via Brooklyn Eagle, Brooklyn Daily, Bay Ridge Journal) opens today to residents and shoppers of 86th St BID.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Don Mario Opens on 3rd Ave

Don Mario Rotisserie Chicken
Don Mario Rotisserie Chicken [7215-A 3rd Ave] opened earlier last month (5/29) on Restaurant Row, dishing out Latin (we believe, Peruvian) food for the masses. They took over the former location of Las Margaritas restaurant, which moved to expand directly across the street. We can count on one hand, the number of rotisserie chicken establishments here, and so this is a welcome addition to Bay Ridge.
The waft of roasted chicken grilling on the racks is alluring to say the least. You can find them on Facebook, for now.  Drop in and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tajadas Opens on Bay Ridge Ave

Tajadas Bakery & Restaurant
Tajadas Bakery & Restaurant [241 Bay Ridge Ave], which is a sister restaurant to the Woodhaven outpost with the same name serving similar Colombian fare opened along Bay Ridge Ave directly across from Key Food in the past few weeks, replacing Arepas y Crepes which didn't see much traction in the few months that it was open.  Breakfast and lunch are expected along with a complement of typical baked goods often found in panaderĂ­as.

Shangri-La Progress

Shangri-La [7400 3rd Ave], the upcoming vegetarian restaurant As mentioned in an earlier post is set to open fairly soon, replacing the recently relocated Carvel which stood at the corner for a number of years.  The awning and signage just went up and the interior is getting overhauled now.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Caffe Bene Opens on 5th Ave

Happy Monday! Caffé Bene [8614 5th Ave] opened over the weekend to the delight of 86th St shoppers. As was reported by us on their progress, and our first detailed article, the renovations took no more than a couple month. True to their design language, they've adopted the look and feel of the other locations within the rapidly expanding chain. Coffee just became that much more accessible, but with a calmer environment. It calls to attention the fact that there are no less than 3 coffee options at every single 86th St BID intersection, presently.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dirty Boots Farm CSA Arrives

Dirty Boots CSA
Dirty Boots Farm CSA (Community- Supported Agriculture) kicked off their inaugural (first) season June 14th-Nov 22nd with a drop-off location near 70th St and Shore Rd on Sundays.

Located on 5.3 acres of the famous Black Dirt of Orange County, NY, Dirty Boots Farm is owned and operated by a pair of Brooklyn ex-pats who are excited to bring their produce bounty back home. Check out their website for more information about CSA’s, their farming practices, pricing and info on how to join.

Bay Ridge Ave Sees More Mixed Use Development

Construction [268 Bay Ridge Ave] is under way on this 26.5k ft² three-story mixed-use building mentioned in NY YIMBY last year. All told, 10k ft² is allotted for parking (below grade), 3.6k ft² toward community facilities, and 10.5k ft² toward residential, with 2.3k toward commercial/retail. If you recall, New Hope Fellowship once occupied this lot, which remained undeveloped under them. It's slated for completion in Summer 2016.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bai'Dar Cafe Coming to 3rd Ave

Bar'Dar Cafe [6810 3rd Ave] is set to open in a space previously occupied by a doctor's office. We presume this will be a Lebanese restaurant. Howevr, no further details are available at this time.

La Bella Opens on 3rd Ave

La Bella [8821 3rd Ave] a women's boutique fashion store opened earlier in June. Previously this storefront was occupied a nail salon and later, Tropepe's restaurant consulting office.

Apple Bank For Savings Coming to 86th St

Apple Bank For Savings [471 86th St] will occupy later this year, the former Amalgamated Bank which shuttered earlier in the Spring.

Amalgamated Bank
Amalgamated Bank shuttered Spring'15 following their Dec announcement
Following a consolidation strategy to "refocus on its core constituents" the Bay Ridge branch was among one of six they chose to close. Perhaps in a telling sign, it is an indication that the once high density of union members that once existed in the neighborhood has dwindled to the point of being unsustainable.

Friday, June 5, 2015

El Salamlek Coming to 3rd Ave With Middle Eastern Fine Dining

El Salamlek [7406 3rd Ave] in what may perhaps be one of the longer renovations we've seen this year is still under wraps but has planned to open later this year.  They'll be providing Middle Eastern fare along with a cocktail and hookah lounge and all the creature comforts that's to be expected.  We'll have more on that as the date nears.

If you recall, King Falafel which once occupied the footprint of both storefronts downsized into what is now 7404, leaving 7406 open for rental. For now El Salamlek is on Facebook and has their own website.
El Salamlek is restaurant of Middle Eastern cuisine with a cocktail and hookah lounge: dining, catering, private events, delivery. - See more at:
El Salamlek is restaurant of Middle Eastern cuisine with a cocktail and hookah lounge: dining, catering, private events, delivery. - See more at:
El Salamlek is restaurant of Middle Eastern cuisine with a cocktail and hookah lounge: dining, catering, private events, delivery. - See more at: