Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Exit Realty In, Cold Stone Out

EXIT Realty Today [8403 3rd Avenue] a full-service franchisor, specializing in residential and commercial real estate, takes over for the former Cold Stone Creamery earlier this month.  EXIT franchisee Michael Afanasyev, whose other Bay Ridge office is 547 92nd St, like many, saw the former ice cream shop idle on the market for months and decided to commit to opening another office to service the community.

(More About Cold Stone follows...)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Shangri-La Vegetarian Coming to Restaurant Row

New vegetarian restaurant coming to former Carvel on 3rd and 74th
Former Carvel on 3rd and 74th
Besides the Nature's Grill, Brooklyn Beet Co, Mediterranean (ie. Tanoreen), Indian restaurants and even Kathy's dumplings, your choices for vegetarian options is still severely limited, in once heavily Irish/Italian/Norwegian populated Bay Ridge. Of course, that's changing with the times.

Here's what we know. Last week, CB10 granted wine/beer approval for a new vegetarian restaurant, Shangri-La Vegetarian [7400 3rd Ave], which we mentioned last week, located at the former Carvel corner location (The new Carvel is over at 75/76th). We'll have more for you as they start breaking ground and announce an opening.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Club Cats is Set to Reopen Right Meow

Club Cats, 10007 4th Ave
Club Cats, 100th St & 4th Ave
Club Cats [10007 4th Ave], the Russian-owned nightclub, is set to reopen today/tonight after a month-long renovation.  As some of you remember or forgot, the club it replaced Amnesia, had frequent brush-ins with residents and CB10.  Club Cats was supposed to alter that vibe, but still found a way to cause quite a stir when they first opened in 2012. They were originally displaced by superstorm Sandy when New Cats Cafe in Sheepshead Bay got demolished, but have since situated permanently near the southern tip of Bay Ridge.

Feature: Xin Restaurant and Bar

XIN Restaurant & Bar
XIN Restaurant & Bar
Xin Restaurant [8320 3rd Ave] first opened to lunch-seekers on April 1st as we mentioned earlier, offering both a new lunch and dinner option to Restaurant Row.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

MetroPCS Opens on 3rd Ave

MetroPCS Store
MetroPCS Store (on 3rd bet 83rd/84th)
MetroPCS [8313 3rd Ave], the prepaid arm of T-Mobile has a new authorized dealer operating on 3rd Ave as of last week or so. They let us know that not only do they offer their existing $40, $50, $60 plans, but also debuted a new $30/mo unlimited talk, text, data (w/ 1GB at up to 4G LTE speeds). Additionally, they have some grand opening offers available to them to entice subscribers to switch.

Parkway Express Deli & Grill Opens on 3rd Ave

Parkway Express
Parkway Express [7502 3rd Ave] opened on Tues Apr 21, at the corner of Bay Ridge Pkwy. and 3rd Ave bringing a new convenience store to the busy intersection.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monaco's Bakery Closes After Five Years

Monaco's Bakery
Monaco's Bakery
Monaco's Bakery and Cafe [8511 3rd Ave], the family-owned and operated business of Joe and Elizabeth Monaco closed its doors for the last time in April 2015 after an amazing 5 year run.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Decora Pizza Coming to 5th Ave

Decora Pizza renovation
Decora Pizza remains under wraps during renovation
Decora Pizza [8125 5th Ave] looks to be situated on the NE corner of 5th Ave and 82nd St, diagonally across from TD Bank. With a pristine all-glass facade, this looks to be one to watch this Spring/Summer when they finally open. You can't ever have enough pizza, after all.

Here's a fun fact: By the numbers, there's roughly 16 pizzerias per mi2 in Manhattan. In Bay Ridge, the quote was not much more- roughly 18/mi2 (standalone,  not counting restaurants).

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Johnny's Grill Opens on 3rd Ave

Johnny's Grill 9406 3rd Ave
Courtesy of Annie Y. (Yelp)
Johnny's Grill [9406 3rd Ave] opened over the weekend, a new diner-style luncheonette where Donut Stop used to occupy.  It didn't take long but rest assured, it's been fully gutted and renovated inside-out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review of SLA Applicants For April 2015

Here are some bits to pique your interest.   Continuation of CB10 hearings on wine/beer license for The Coffee Lab [6903 3rd Ave].  Why a coffee shop would need to sell another (different) kind of vice is beyond us...

New SLA liquor license sought for the upscale nightclub, Blue Zoo Lounge [8402 3rd Ave], Embers Steakhouse [9519 3rd Ave]

New SLA wine/beer application for the upcoming opening of Pig Guy NYC [8413 3rd Ave] and also Shangri-La Vegetarian [7400 3rd Ave], a new restaurant it seems, which will be located at the former Carvel corner location (they subsequently moved one block over to 75/76th)

Residential Building Dealt For $10.7M

537-547 Ovington Ave
537-547 Ovington Ave
TheRealDeal reported 537-547 Ovington Ave. changed hands from Meridian Properties to Paul Valentino’s Quinray Realty Corporation to the tune of $10.7 Million for the 62-unit residential building in what would be a relative quiet transaction. What interested us was that rents in the building were averaging $1300/mo

Friday, April 10, 2015

April Weekend Ideas

Yes, Spring is (still) officially here, even if the recent weather, Ultima, and Easter are officially behind us.  At a loss for things to do this weekend in the 'Ridge? Fear not, we've listed some top things to get your April going.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mancini's Pizza Out Benevento Osteria In

Mancini's Pizza [8504 5th Ave] has changed hands, making way for pizzeria, Benevento Osteria.

Mancini's had a good five year run serving up pizza from their brick oven along heavily trafficked 5th Ave.  Benevento's phone number is largely unchanged, making this transition one of the quietest we've seen yet... aside from the awning and signage.

Fattoush on 5th Ave Shutters

It's lights out for Fattoush [509 85th St], the casual/take-out Lebanese eatery.  Emphatically named after the Lebanese salad, this shawarma, falafel & juice bar served its last dish after a 1½ year run, with a sign affixed to the door saying the business is closed.  Some may point to their distance away off 5th Ave playing a key factor.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Xin Restaurant and Bar Opens on 3rd Ave

Xin Bar and Restaurant
Xin Bar and Restaurant (Courtesy of Facebook)
Xin Restaurant [8320 3rd Ave] opened its doors at the start of April. They're an upscale Chinese dining experience with the former chefs, staff and experience from the former Lai Yuen Restaurant [10033 3rd Ave] that shuttered late 2014.  Xin takes over in the space formerly occupied by Fillie's (which lasted through the end of 2014).

Correction (4/20/15): Updated Facebook profile and website links provided.