Thursday, April 23, 2015

Parkway Express Deli & Grill Opens on 3rd Ave

Parkway Express
Parkway Express [7502 3rd Ave] opened on Tues Apr 21, at the corner of Bay Ridge Pkwy. and 3rd Ave bringing a new convenience store to the busy intersection.
The deli is within an earshot of  Subway, a bagel shop, a cafe, and a supermarket.  We verified that this is the same owner(s) as Ice Deli and Grill just down the block at 7404 3rd Ave.  It seems they believe in Bay Ridge enough to expand their presence.

Frank & Eddies Butcher Shop
Frank & Eddie's Butcher Shop (Courtesy of The Brooklyn Paper)
If you recall, this is the former storefront of Frank & Eddie's Butcher Shop, which stood for 50 years and shuttered back in August 2014 due to rising competition. Fond memories for 'Ridgeites but they've since consolidated at their larger store at 86th & 3rd.  No word yet on what's to become of Butcher Bar around the corner.

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