Monday, December 21, 2015

Sprint Coming to 86th St

(Updated 1/20/16 10:05am)
Sprint [442 86th St.], the national wireless carrier is occupying the store it previously occupied (for six months) last year as a temporary store straight through the holidays after Spirit of Halloween vacated in the previous Sept/Oct.

Sprint will neighbor T-Mobile (AT&T, Cricket, Verizon across)
It looks to be the same footprint as many other mobile carrier stores in the area, although it is understood now that they have moved across the street from there is no word on what the fate will be of their store at 465 86th St.
Late Oct'15 exterior refacing new Sprint Store
Late Oct'15 exterior refacing
We first noticed activity at the end of October when they began resurfacing the exterior and the lease signage came down. It was once thought that this store would join the fate of its neighbor and be absorbed by the growing presence of Century 21.  We were tipped off once the corporate logo began to go up.

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