Friday, December 18, 2015

Cocoa Grinder Opens on 3rd Ave

Cocoa Grinder [8511 3rd Ave], the coffee purveyor we mentioned earlier, is expanding to 3rd Ave, between 86/87th St, from their original location at 8521 4th Ave, opens tomorrow (Sat, Dec 19).
Former Monaco's Bakery which shuttered earlier this year
Former Monaco's Bakery which shuttered earlier this year
If the space appears familiar, it's because it was formerly Monaco's Bakery, which closed in April.  It took up two commercial spaces for the kitchen/bakery & retail cafe. All of that is now out, of course.

Window seating area
After renovating from the top-down for months, Coffee Grinder is expected to let in a great deal more light, lending a cool, spacious and warm experience, giving Third Ave a much needed boost for current residents who tire of commercial coffee, and coffee shops of yore.  It will be the only place in Bay Ridge to have an Industrial-designed look and feel (where even the door handle is fashioned from a hammer). The bathroom door blends right into the wall, unless you can locate the door handle.

Large seating area accommodates grab-and-go and laptop-owners
Seating area overall from the stools to the benches are comfy and open, accommodating up to 40 easily.  They will be running with a full menu including breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and light snacks.  Adding onto their original menu of juice & coffee, will be a full complement of teas custom blended by Tease Tea.

They can be found on Instagram.

Cocoa Grinder
8511 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209


  1. The food wasn't good- for example, we ordered the quiche which was heated and not made in the kitchen, the french toast was literally socked in oil and was, sadly, disgusting and to top it all off the staff took our order wrong twice! Hope it will improve but I won't be back for a very long time.

  2. Came in here today, firstavalle the aesthetic of this place is just sick. I ordered the steak Gorgonzola sandwich and i was completely blown away! So many details done in this bigger version! It's just sick!