Thursday, January 14, 2016

Banana Republic Factory Store Coming

(Updated: 1/17/16 05:00am)
BREAKING: Banana Republic Factory Store is coming to Bay Ridge.  Company insiders have spilled the beans on what some have speculated for some time-- which major chain might appear next in our shopping district.  The main question that's still on everyone's mind is: Where?
(Banana Republic Downtown Brooklyn)
Mounting evidence suggests that such a store is retrenching themselves here along 86th St, as provided by Gap Inc, its own parent company. This is surprising news given last year's announcement that Empire Outlets, the new outlet mall with 1M ft2 under construction in St George, (Staten Island) will house a Banana Republic Factory Outlet and over 100 other outlet shops.

(Gap Inc. courtesy of Bloomberg LP)
This is good news for residents and shoppers alike, and may spell either the end or a rethinking of the existing (Bay Ridge) Gap store and their presence overall in the U.S. as they had announced plans to shutter a quarter of their store nationwide earlier last summer.

The upcoming store will join the Fulton St location and Montague BID as the only Brooklyn footprints for this chain.  Likely candidates where we feel they might occupy may either be the Gap Factory Store itself, former Pretty Girl or more than likely, the recently vacated former Fabco Shoes. As always, we will have more for you as we know it.

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