Saturday, January 2, 2016

Salud BKLYN Opens on 3rd Ave

Salud BKLYN [7204 3rd Ave] held their grand opening this past weekend after having soft opened two weeks earlier.  Salud is the first authentic tapas bar in the neighborhood.
Salud BKLYN Dining Room
Dining Room (via Instagram)
After their groundbreaking sometime during the Third Ave Festival in early October, Brownstoner broke the news on Salud.  Billed as a fine-dining destination, Salud has put together a menu comprised of Spanish and Latin American influences. Although their hallmark will be small plates/tapas, you can expect Executive Chef, Tony Martinez to round out their selection with paella de mariscos and/or other entrées.
Tapas (via Yelp)
Former Olla Wine Bar (shuttered July 2015)
Many remember beloved brunch hotspot, Olla Wine Bar when we mentioned their closure back in July in this same space. We're glad to see Salud bring new life to this block. For more information, check them out in the links below.

7204 3rd Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11209


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