Saturday, November 7, 2015

Feature: Pig Guy NYC

Pig Guy NYC Storefront
Pig Guy NYC [8413 3rd Ave] has been open for some time since we last reported about their grand opening. We return to see how things have shaped up and explore some of their new offerings that will not only shape the NYC BBQ scene, but further meet the needs of what residents are looking for.
(Pig Face Tanker, Courtesy of Amy N. via Yelp)
When first conceived as the brainchild of Chef Thomas Perone, Pig Guy NYC was lauded by Brooklyn Magazine, celebrating the fact that Bay Ridge now has a solid choice when it comes to BBQ.  When the 3rd Ave's Summer Stroll came and went, their formula for the fast-casual approach to barbecue held true.  As it turns out, barbecue is one of those things, if done the right way, simply can't be hurried.

Collard Greens, Courtesy of Pig Guy NYC via Instagram
As we march into the fall/winter months, the first major revamp and expansion of services since they first opened their doors was prompted by customer feedback and their desire to exceed expectation.  Wait staff service, and new additions to the menu will be introduced alongside beer & wine.  Gone are the platters, in favor of ordering items à la carte.  A greater emphasis on catering, in-house pig roasting and such would bolster their already burgeoning catering services, suited for private parties and tailgating.

All of the noticeable changes will already have been incorporated by Thurs, Nov. 12 (after Veterans' Day).  Among these changes will be another big inclusion-- Chef Perone will take the helm and lead an active role in day-to-day operations alongside his business partners, further tweaking the menu while inserting some daily specials to continue exciting customers' tastebuds.

"Greek" Taco w/ Pulled Pork Butt & Spicy Tzatziki Sauce
"Greek" Tacos w/ Pulled Pork Butt & Spicy Tzatziki Sauce
Among the exciting new offerings that will be available are corn fritters, smoked chicken, home-made cheesecake, loaded fries, etc. Follow-on additions are forthcoming as we find out more about them on Thursday.

8413 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209
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