Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pier 69 Brooklyn Opens on Bay Ridge Ave

Pier 69 Brooklyn Storefront Exterior
Pier 69 Brooklyn [10 Bay Ridge Ave] opened earlier this month, on July 4th, amid second stage renovation, providing residents and visitors of Am-Vet Pier 69, a perfect stopping point for coffee and sandwiches.

If you recall, this space was formerly occupied by Perfect Deli for years. Much of the signage has been removed and new signs ordered in preparation for its transition. As was told to us by the staff, the cafe opened earlier than anticipated at the urging of concerned residents who needed the convenience of picking up perishables nearby.  All told, once the renovation plans are complete, it will more than double the capacity for seating space within.

knick-knacks and antique signage
To build ambiance, knick-knacks and antique signage was brought in to adorn the beautifully exposed brick-face walls that span the full length of the place.

cute, cozy, wifi access, ac plugs providing a nice retreat
Neat features like Wi-Fi access and AC plugs will be available for use by customers, providing a nice little retreat from the orderly chaos that is 3rd Ave.

snacks available for purchase by kids, teens, and adults alike
Midday snacks are seen available for purchase, suitable for the kids and teens that transit through from nearby Xavieran HS during the regular school year and summer.

Currently, hours are 9-10pm daily (subject to change). The ownership has expressed the desire to extend those hours when they've fully hired a larger staff.  We're fairly excited to see how things turn out once the renovations are complete. Stay tuned.

10 Bay Ridge Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Facebook (Pending)


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