Monday, July 14, 2014

Townhouse 275 Opens Off 3rd Ave

Townhouse 275
Courtesy of Angela K (Yelp)
Townhouse 275 [275 94th St] is sure to pique your interest even though Bay Ridge is in no shortage of bars. It's quite likely the first speakeasy & craft mixology bar to open in the neighborhood.  This happened last Fri on 7/11.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hibachi Masters Opens on 5th Ave

Hibachi Masters
Hibachi Masters
Hibachi Masters [8512 5th Ave] Japanese Grill opened on July 1st, right in between fast food chains, Burger King/Popeye's & Five Guys.  They offer an array of sushi/sashimi, bento boxes, and grilled "hibachi" meal options in a casual modern setting.

Hibachi Masters hosts a wide range of Japanese cuisine, with a menu that includes Chicken Teriyaki, Bourbon Chicken, California Combo, Spicy Combo, Veggie Combo, Tuna Sashmi, Octopus Sushi, Shrimp Bento, Unagi Don, Salmon Don, etc.  They also offer party trays for the occasional parties.  As a Japanese restaurant, they also offer a variety of rolls, as well.